10 reasons to go on a spiritual retreat

Image 10 reasons to go on a spiritual retreat

Going on a spiritual retreat helps you transcend form the natural man to a spiritual individual. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, has traveled many places and spiritual retreats to build his inner strength. He is a peace mediator, renowned for his peace education and inspiring novel.

"When the Desert Blooms" is the title of his best-seller, published in 2018, which has changed the lives of millions of people to have a new hope in life.

Let us consider 10 reasons why it is essential to go on a spiritual journey

1. Spiritual retreat enhances self-control

Going on a spiritual journey helps to cope with daily stress. Knowing how to manage anxiety, it is possible to control emotions. The disadvantage of untamed negative emotions is that it helps to control one's words in case of a burst of anger; negative emotions can spark conflicts among friends and families.

2. Spiritual retreat shapes you into a tolerant being

During the spiritual retreat, participants meditate alone and together with a group. These shapes their personality into a patient, tolerant person. Regular meditation improves sleep and changes the way we talk and address the others. Therefore, the practitioner become more tolerant and friendly, rather than being the old rude, aggressive individual.

3. Spiritual retreat promotes inner peace

Why can a spiritual journey induces inner peace?

  • Frequent self-meditation increases self-awareness
  • After the spiritual journey, you can increase your performance and focus on your initiatives and goals

4. Spiritual retreat improves your way of life

Spiritual leaders at the retreats help you have and follow a healthy and simple diet. This helps you avoid indulging in over-eating which traumatizes the stomach. Besides, it provides you an opportunity to be mindful about your diet, and watch out your weight and health. Furthermore, if are used to deprive yourself of enough sleep, going on this kind of journey helps you settle back to the regular sleeping pattern, which triggers satisfying life.

5. Spiritual retreat is good for health

Regular participants in a spiritual retreat tend to have normal blood pressure, happy lifestyle, and healthy diet. They set aside some time every day for fitness exercises and yoga. Spiritual retreats are located in a beautiful landscape where you can enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air.

Thus, it is beneficial for the health to go on such a journey. Spiritual journey equally promotes emotional healing. If you have suffered from heart break after a separation with your dearest one, or after the loss of a close relative, it is advisable to recharge your energy through a spiritual journey.

6. Improving your breathing

During the meditations in a spiritual retreat, it is important to keep calm. Focusing the whole attention on breathing enables practitioners to focus on themselves. Some breathing exercises during the spiritual journey are done while walking among nature; others are done while sitting on a mat on the floor.

Either way, it helps triggers self-control; it also helps understand and control emotions through the breathing techniques.

7. During the spiritual retreat, you learn various meditation techniques

Spiritual retreat is often conducted by a spiritual leader, who helps participants to find serenity and calmness. Each technique may be performed in different settings, which might be near a tree, on the riverside, simply indoor.

8. Spiritual retreat helps prevent mental disorder

Yogis are characterized by their balanced mind and good mental health condition. They can practice mindfulness from time to time, analyze the issue they are living in, and ponder over possible courses of action to take. Obviously, it helps prevent heart attack and stroke, as well as mental disorder.

9. Learn from the monks

Monks and spiritual leaders are renowned for their wisdom and tranquility. They live separately in spiritual retreats to keep themselves away from people. Therefore, if you are looking for inner calm, it is a good idea to go on a journey which enhances your inner strengths.

10. Learn to do humanitarian acts

Spiritual retreat can shape the participants into benevolent people, who are devoted to the well-being of the others. Such is also the case of peacekeeping promoters like Prem Rawat. Through his TPRF Foundation, he helps the deprived people around the world to attain peace.